Sunday, August 23, 2015

Two More Days

Two days...
I can't believe in two days I'll be hitting that publish button. Unless you know my struggles and my past you'll never really understand what this means. It's scary beautiful in every sense of the word. I turned a wish, into a dream and made it come true. In doing so, I have shaken up my anxiety I haven't had a problem with in awhile. It comes and goes but right now this bitch is holding on for dear life. Thank you to everyone who's taken this wild journey with me. I couldn't have done it without so many of you. Most importantly to Rhonda Dennis, Kendall Grey, Annie Anderson(My beautiful slave driver), Jennifer Sons and JJ Bannister.  You supported me during some really difficult times when I questioned if this was really possible. Thanks for not giving up on me and giving me just the right amount of push. To my girlfriends here in Washington, thanks for being some kick ass supportive woman. Love you all so much! Big hugs! <3
Kinsey Taylor Contemporary Romance Author

The everlasting romantic, Kinsey's writing is sure to give twists, turns, and plenty of drama that will leave you breathless.

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